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Here is a sample of some of our case results. We don’t handle class actions, mass torts, or tobacco litigation, and as such we don’t have multi-million dollar verdicts, however these are real accidents, real clients, and real outcomes achieved at our law firm.

The lawyers at The Law Offices of Charles D. Scott, PLLC handle injury claims throughout the State of Florida, including automobile accidents, slip and falls, and other types of injury claims. We are extremely proud of the results that we have obtained and look forward to sharing them with you.

At The Law Offices of Charles D. Scott, we strive to ensure that our clients are fully compensated for their losses. All cases are different and results are case-specific. Our attorneys work diligently for each client to try to achieve the most favorable outcome possible. Please note that the cases mentioned below constitute a small selection of recent cases handled by our law firm.

Because every case is unique, with specifics relating to the circumstances of the accident/degree of negligence, extent of injury, and the amount of insurance coverage, the results shown here are not necessarily representative of the compensation that you can expect. Future clients may not obtain the same or similar results. The amounts indicated below are the gross settlement amount and do not reflect the amount received by the client after deductions for attorney fees and costs, medical bills, or health insurance liens.

To find out if your situation qualifies for legal action and how much compensation you might be eligible for, please call our office for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

Case Description
A 73 year old female was thrown from a park bench that was not properly installed, striking the ground, causing a fracture to her hip. She required surgery and rehabilitation.  $1,500,000.00  April 2019
Auto accident, tbone. Other vehicle cut in front of our client cuasing fractur to right radius. $50,000 May 2019
Bicycle accident, struck by vehicle causing closed fracture of distal end of left fibula $30,000 March 2019
Fall at shopping center due to loose pavement causing fractured rib, healed with no permanent injury. $14,000 Februar 2019
Client stopped in traffic, rear ended by at fault driver causing bulging disc in cervical spine $25,000 April 2019
Other vehicle swerved into the left lane, string our client’s truck on the right door and fender causing lumbar disc bulge. $17,000 April 2019
A 38 year old female was attending a sports event at a stadium and, while walking a common area, she slipped and fell in liquid on the floor. She injured her shoulder and had shoulder surgery to repair a tear.
October, 2012
An elderly gentleman fell down stairs at the apartment complex where he resided, the power was out and stairs were dark. He suffered a broken arm and a broken hip requiring surgery.
July, 2014
A 19 year old female was struck by a car while walking in a crosswalk. She suffered femoral and knee bone contusion as well as a tear in the left knee, and post traumatic migraine headaches.
October, 2015
A 75 year old female was parked in a handicapped space and was exiting her vehicle. She fell onto the handicapped ramp, breaking her left knee. Handicapped ramp was improperly designed.
April, 2011
A 36 year old male was driving with the flow of traffic, going approx. 45 mph, when a driver in another vehicle veered left over 2 lanes and hit our client’s passenger side. This caused client’s car to be moved into the lane to the left of him and his car collided with a vehicle in that turn lane. Injury to left shoulder requiring injections.
June, 2015
A 53 year old female tripped over an unpainted speed bump while carrying a glass bowl, had lacerations to her chest and hands from the broken glass. Torn shoulder which required surgery to repair.
October, 2014
A 58 year old male involved in an auto accident, was t-boned at intersection. He suffered neck and spine injury, torn rotator cuff and shoulder injury.
January, 2010
A 52 year old female involved in an auto accident, rear-ended at 35 mph while client was stopped. Her injury required spinal surgery.
March, 2012
A 56 year old male was an unrestrained passenger on a city bus that was involved in a t-bone type collision, bus not at fault, proceeded against the at fault automobile. He was thrown from his seat and struck his head on a bar. Injuries included complaints of head, neck, abdomen, and left leg pain. Large hematoma to lower left leg.
October, 2010
A 42 year old female was stopped in traffic on the Howard Frankland Bridge and was rear ended by a vehicle that failed to stop. Client had spinal surgery to repair a herniated cervical disc.
September, 2012
A 52 year old female involved in a traffic accident involving a commercial vehicle. Client had spinal surgery for C3-C4 and C4-C5 disc herniations.
May, 2013
A 47 year old female was stopped at a light when she was rear-ended by a minivan. Then, a third vehicle, a larger van, rear-ended the minivan which rear-ended her again. Injuries included disc herniation /extrusion at C3-4 and disc bulging at L4-5 and L5-S1.
June, 2011
A 62 year old male was involved in a rear-end collision which occurred on Interstate 275. Client was seen in the emergency room not long after the accident and was diagnosed with a cervical sprain. MRI revealed moderate-sized central and right posterolateral disc protrusion at C5-6. Client underwent surgery for anterior cervical discectomy with fusion at C5-6.
May, 2013
A 73 year old female, driving through a traffic intersection with the green light, was t-boned on her driver’s side by the at-fault driver who ran a red light. Her vehicle flipped and came to rest on the roof. Client was hanging upside down, suspended by her seatbelt, air bag in her face. Initial injuries were a left knee medial meniscus tear and a left gluteus medius tendon complete tear.
August, 2015
A 75 year old female was the seat belt restrained driver of a vehicle that was struck on the right front in an intersection by another vehicle that ran a stop sign. Injuries included a contusion of chest wall, right foot bruising and pain. An MRI showed a fracture of the distal anterior tibia, into the joint line, with partial tears of the lateral ligaments.
May, 2014
A 49 year old female was involved in a rear-end type collision at an intersection. Immediate pain in the head and neck. Diagnosed with disc herniation at C4-C5, disc herniation at C5-C6, annular disc bulging at C3-C4, disc herniation at L2-L3, posterior herniation at L4-L5, and posterior central left paracentral herniation at L5-S1.
October, 2015
A 51 year old male was in a motor vehicle accident when a car pulled out in front of him, hitting his vehicle in the front hard enough to bend the frame. He suffered injury to his knee including diffuse partial tears in the anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligament.
September, 2012
A 22 year old male, stopped for traffic, was rear-ended by a pick up truck. Injuries included a cervical strain and cervicalgia, a left wrist sprain/strain, and a disc herniation at L5-S1.
August, 2013
A 69 year old female was a seat belt restrained passenger in a minivan that was rear-ended while stopped in traffic. Injuries included disc bulges at C3-4 and C4-5, and a disc herniation at:C5-6 and C5-7 and C7-T1.
October, 2013
A 58 year old female was rear-ended while stopped at a yield sign after exiting the interstate. Injuries included disc herniations at: C3-4, C4-5 and C5-6, and C6-7.
November, 2015
A 58 year old female was getting a hairstyle at a cosmetology school and slipped and fell in water on the floor. Injury to her knee, meniscus tear, and partial tear in left shoulder.
August, 2012
A 20 year old male pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle while crossing in a marked crosswalk, suffered a non-displaced skull fracture and epidural hematoma.
October, 2015
A 49 year old male involved in automobile accident, rear-ended while stopped. Injuries included disc herniation at C5-6, annular disc bulging at C4-5, disc herniation at T3-4, annular disc bulging at L5-S1. Non-surgical conservative treatment.
June, 2011
A 50 year old female was riding a bicycle and was struck in the rear tire by vehicle. Injury included disc protrusions C3-4 and C4-5, and disc bulging at C5-6, C6-7, and T3-4. Bone contusion in the tibia. Non-surgical conservative treatment.
February, 2015
A 44 year old male was rear-ended while he was stopped at light. Then a third vehicle hit that first at-fault vehicle causing a second impact. Diagnosed with TMJ, and an annular bulge at L5-S1 and at L4-5, and a C3-4 herniation. Non-surgical conservative treatment.
March, 2011
A 46 year old female, was stopped in a parking space just off the street, when a truck struck her vehicle impacting the rear passenger side. Injuries included disc protrusion at C3-C4 and a central disc protrusion at C5-C6. Disc bulges at C2-C3 to C6-C7, and disc bulges at L4-L5, L5-S1.
January, 2013
A 45 year old male was operating a scooter when a vehicle violated the right of way pulling into his path. Client fell off the scooter striking the pavement. Injury included disc bulge at L4-5 and a disc herniation at L5-S1. Conservative non-surgical treatment.
January, 2013
A 53 year old male was the restrained passenger of a vehicle that was rear-ended while stopped at a traffic light. Injury to right wrist strain/sprain, with ligament tear dislocation. Conservative non-surgical treatment with steroid injection.
July, 2014
A 35 year old female was involved in a motor-vehicle accident in which the vehicle was struck on the passenger side. She was the driver and was wearing a seat belt. Injuries included disc herniation at C5-6, posterior central disc herniation at C4-5, and a partial tear of the ulnar collateral ligament. Treated with pain injections and conservative non-surgical treatment.
October, 2015
A 58-year-old male who was riding his bicycle and was struck by a car. He was knocked off the bicycle, flew through the air and landed on his side. Injuries included disc bulging at L3-L4, bulging at L4-5, and a minor fracture of the distal end of the medial malleolus of the left ankle. Non-surgical treatment.
December, 2012
A 48 year old female was a restrained driver passing through an intersection on a green light when another vehicle ran a red light crossing her path causing a crash. Her injuries included L5-S1 disc herniation and L4-5 annular bulge. At L3-4 a broad based disc herniation and a herniated disc at C5-6. Non-surgical conservative treatment.
January, 2014
A 63 year old female tripped and fell in a restaurant due to uneven floor levels and poor lighting. She suffered a torn rotator cuff in her right shoulder. Treatment included injection therapy in the shoulder, hip and back.
December, 2011
A 21 year old male was the rear seat passenger in a vehicle accident involving a roll over. Client’s injury included forceful trauma to his musculoskeletal system as well as psychological trauma. Conservative non-surgical treatment.
September, 2011
A 53 year old male, was a restrained driver that was rear-ended by another car traveling approximately 45-50 miles per hour. His car was struck hard and had impact not only in the rear, but it also impacted the car in front of him. He went to the hospital, was treated and released from the ER. Injury included C2-C3, C3-C4, C5-C6 disc herniations. Treatment was epidural steroid injections for non-surgical treatment.
April, 2015
A 54 year old male, was the restrained driver of a car that was broad-sided on the rear driver’s door and the left rear quarter panel. Injury included disc bulging at L2-3, L3-4, L4-5, and L5-S. Treatment included trigger point injections and conservative non-surgical treatment.
January, 2015
A 47 year old female, involved in a motor vehicle accident, was a seat belt restrained driver and was hit on the passenger side. Injuries included
disc bulging at C4-5 and C5-6. Received conservative non-surgical treatment.
September, 2011
A 42-year-old male suffered a trip-and-fall while walking on a sidewalk, due to uneven concrete. Claim was against a municipality. Injury included disc bulging at C5-C6 and C6-7, and disc herniation at C4-5, and right elbow strain. Treatment included carpel tunnel surgery.
November, 2015
A 46 year old male was the driver of a pickup truck when he was T-boned by another vehicle on the passenger side. Injuries included disc protrusions to C4-5, C5-6, C6-7. Treatment with cervical nerve block injections under direct fluoroscopic guidance, and non-surgical conservative treatment.
December, 2015
A 29-year-old involved in an automobile accident, was the restrained driver of an automobile that struck from behind while waiting at a red light.
August, 2010
A 58 year old female riding on a bicycle, was crossing a driveway exit when a car rolled through the stop sign and struck her on her left side. She was knocked off of her bicycle and the bicycle was pulled under the vehicle for a few feet. Her injuries were a broken left tibia and she had knee surgery two days after accident.
September, 2015
A 57 year old female was involved in an automobile accident while she was stopped at a light. She was rear-ended by another vehicle. Her injuries were disc bulges at: L4-5 and L5-S1, disc herniations at: C3-4 C2-3, C4-5, and C5-6. Conservative non-surgical treatment.
June, 2011

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