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Family Law is a field of law that deals with the workings of a broken or distressed family. Situations such as divorce and separation often require assistance from an experienced family law attorney. Going to a family law hearing or trial without appropriate representation is never wise because of the complexity of each sub-category of the field. An experienced family law attorney can help a spouse or parent in a number of ways. First, the attorney can provide the person with moral support. Divorces and separations are stressful events, and parents should try to decrease their burdens as much as possible in the midst of such hearings. Secondly, an experienced attorney can work to ensure that an ex-spouse or custodial parent receives the amount of support to which he or she is entitled. Thirdly, the attorney can work toward resolution of conflicts, or prepare a marital settlement agreement.

A divorcing party can contact a St. Petersburg family law attorney and request an initial consultation. During the consultation, one of our attorneys can explain the process and let the person know his or her rights and options. If you’re struggling with a family law case, The Law Offices of Charles D. Scott can help – contact us today for peace of mind and attentive client care directly from an actual attorney.

Visitation in St. Petersburg

Visitation is a legal right or a non-custodial parent. The state of Florida has developed a parenting plan which attempts to ensure that time sharing is in the best interest of the children. Two parents can work together to prepare a parenting plan, or each can propose their own parenting plan. They can try to create a joint parenting plan in an amicable fashion with an attorney, or they can go through a court trial for with competing parenting plans and let the judge decide. A Florida judge will always attempt to provide reasonable time sharing with both parents, and place a child in the best place for his or her mental, emotional and physical well-being. The visitation schedule must provide the child with a healthy amount of time with both parents.

Visitation can become complex in a Florida court because of parental schedules, locations and financial difficulties. Therefore, an attorney is necessary to give the parent the support he or she needs to obtain a reasonable and fair visitation schedule.

A relocation is a request that custodial parents place with the courts when they would like to move from more than 50 miles from the other parent. The parent may want to move because of a new job or a desire to change to a different climate. Some custodial parents feel as if a different location would serve their psyches in a positive fashion. A parent who would like to submit a relocation request would benefit from obtaining services from an experienced attorney. A judge can deny a relocation request if he or she does not feel as if the move would be beneficial to the child. Additionally, a judge could order a change in custody if it does not appear as if the custodial parent is taking every step possible to ensure that the child sees the other parent.

Floridians can schedule a consultation with an experienced family law expert today. Having legal representation is always the best option.

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