Trying to Reach Me? Three Easy Ways for Clients to Contact Me.

It should be easy to get through to your lawyer.  But, I know that many times the number one complaint of clients of lawyers – any lawyer – is that its hard to get through to the lawyer.  This is a universal thing and we don't want it to be a problem at our firm. 

At The Law Offices of Charles D. Scott, we do our best to make it easy for our clients to reach the attorney.  We pride our firm on client service and we want our clients to feel like they can talk to us when they need to.  

Other than simply calling the office, here are 3 things we do to make it easier for our clients to reach us:

1.    EMAIL:  Office Gmail account:   We give our clients our personal office gmail accounts so they don't get mixed up with the spam we get through AOL.  Charlie and I have been using AOL since the mid to late 90s and lately, the AOL accounts are nothing but spam.  I do look at my AOL inbox and try to scan it for real emails, but I usually delete 99% of the incoming emails and sometimes accidentally delete an email that I would have liked to have seen.  To remedy this, we give our clients our gmail accounts but don't put out gmail accounts out there for the entire world, therefore, we get much less spam and I find gmail much easier to navigate and weed out the spam so I can get to the real emails.  I rarely miss an email from a client on my gmail account and I can access it from my iphone so clients are able to contact me after hours and on weekends.  Today I put up a note on my fenderlaw@aol.comaccount which says that if you are a client or connected to me through work, please call the office for my gmail account.  Hopefully, this transition will improve the ability of clients to reach me via email.  If you are emailing us at the account, chances are we missed it and its better to call or email me at the gmail account.

2.  CELL PHONE:  We give our clients our cell phone numbers so that they can reach us personally at any time.  I often do not answer my cell phone, but I can see that the client called and get back to them quickly.  Kathryn Fenderson Scott: 727-439-3694 / Charlie Scott 727-445-0439

3.  PHONE APPOINTMENTS:  To avoid playing phone tag with clients, we schedule "phone appointments" usually within 24 hours of the client's call so that there is a scheduled time for the attorney and the client to talk. 

On the flip side, here are three ways that will probably NOT result in getting through to the attorney:

1.  Facebook Message.

2. Email me at

3. Other random internet connection message.

If you are a client or would like to become a client of our firm, the best way to get through to the attorney is to call our office at 727-300-4878 and in a pinch, call our cell phones at 727-445-0439 (Charlie) or 727-439-3694 (Kathryn).  I sort of cringe to put those cell phone numbers out to the world on the blog, but if you are not yet a client of the firm, you probably wouldn't know it, so there they are. 

Ideally, the attorney would be sitting by the phone waiting for the client to call and ready to talk about their case at any time, but the reality is we aren't always available when a client calls; but we do want our clients to feel like they can talk to us whenever they need to.   We tell our clients that we are a team but they are the boss, so when the boss calls we want to take it.  We want to make our clients happy that they hired us and we want them to feel like its easy to get through to the attorney.

Ok, off to talk to another client.



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