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How a St. Petersburg child support attorney can assist in a Department of Revenue case

In the State of Florida, cases initiated regarding the collection of child support can begin in one of two ways. These proceedings can either take place in a circuit family law court or at a Florida Department of Revenue hearing, which occurs after the department files a case. In the latter situation, parents served with a Department of Revenue petition for child support often find themselves undergoing a swift and perplexing process. This is typically followed by the issuance of a child support order, which comes with fast and harsh enforcement no matter what the parent’s reasons are for not meeting their financial obligation.

It is not unusual for department lawyers and hearing officers to encounter parents who do not have the benefit of being represented by an attorney, and who are unaware of all that the process entails. Whether parents in the St. Petersburg area are facing a pending case in the circuit family law court or a proceeding initiated by the DOR, an advisable first step is to seek the advice of an experienced child support attorney. The right child support attorney can help guide parents through a process that can be both emotional and confusing. Not every St. Petersburg lawyer will have the knowledge or experience needed to provide parents with adequate representation.

Reasons the Department of Revenue would file a child support petition

The department might initiate a child support action for a number of reasons, but typically these actions are pursued when a parent involved in the matter collects state benefits to aid in the cost of raising a child. The number of Florida parents applying for benefits such as Medicaid and food stamps is quite high, leaving the State of Florida to find a way to cover the expense.

The state now requires those who apply for benefits to report whether or not they have a child, and state whether the child or the other parent resides in their household. If the applicant states the other parent resides elsewhere, the State of Florida will then approach the other parent for payment of child support.

How a St. Petersburg attorney will assist in a DOR child support action

Parents have a lot to lose in DOR child support cases. The process is intended to make sure parents have the financial support they need while also reducing the cost of state benefits, but sometimes parents can be ordered to pay support in cases where they should not be required to do so. Other parents face the possibility of nonpayment penalties like jail time or drivers license suspensions as they struggle to pay a staggering amount of back support.

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