Safety Tips for Kids and Cars: Keep Your Kids Safe In and Around Cars

Safety Tips for Dangers to Kids OUTSIDE Motor Vehicles:

1.  Walk all the way around and look behind a vehicle prior to moving it.

2.  Know where your kids are before moving your vehicle.  Make sure another adult is properly supervising children so they do not get into the path of a moving vehicle.

3.  To help the driver detect an object or person behind a vehicle, consider installing devices such as rear sensors, cameras, special mirrors or lenses.  There are many options available.  Check out and click on the technology page for more information.

4.  Teach children that parked vehicles might move.  Let them know that even thought they can see the vehicle, the driver might not see them.

5.  Trim the landscaping around your driveway to ensure you can see your children.

6.  Hold a child's hand when leaving a vehicle.

7.  Teach your children to NEVER play in, around or behind any vehicle. 

8.  Set the emergency brake every time you park.

9.  If you drive an SUV, minivan or truck, be aware that these vehicles have larger blind zones, making it difficult or impossible for the driver to see children behind or directly in front of a vehicle. 

10.  Be more even more cautious during high risk times:  More children are injured or killed during busy times, schedule changes, family gatherings and holidays.

Safety Tips for Dangers to kids INSIDE Motor Vehicles: 

1.  Lock vehicles at all times, even in the garage or driveway.

2.  Store keys out of children's reach.

3.  Be sure your child is never forgotten in your vehicle, put your cell phone, handbag or briefcase on the floor in the back seat.  This gives you another opportunity to be sure that your child is not forgotten.

4.  Use drive-thru services when available. 

5.  Use your debit or credit card to pay for gas at the pump, rather than going in to the gas station to pay.

6.  If a child is locked inside a car, get him/her out as quickly as possible.  If the child seems hot or sick, call 911 immediately.

7.  Lock the power windows so that children cannot get caught in them.  Power windows can strangle a child or cut off a finger.

8.  It is dangerous to leave children alone in a vehicle, even for a minute.  Children can suffer from heat stroke, knock a vehicle into motion, be strangled by a power window, or be abducted. 

9.  Check vehicles and car trunks right away if a child is missing.

10.  Playing in cars can be deadly, each year hundreds of children are injured or even killed as a result of setting a vehicle into motion, do not let your children play in cars or have access to your keys.

"Every week in the U.S., at least 50 children are backed over in driveways and parking lots.  Every week at least 2 of these children die.  Children are also injured or killed becuase they cannot see in front of larger and taller vehicles.  Little ones who dart outside to say goodbye often go unseen by a driver when the vehicle is set into motion.  Many times the driver of the vehicle is a parent, relative, or neighbor." 


Charlie and I had the chance to hearJanette Fennell's amazing story and learn how she created  As parents, we immediately connected with her story and share in her desire to keep kids safe in and around cars, and we are looking forward to becoming more involved with

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