Pre-Existing Injuries Increase Bodily Injury

"Physical intolerance of the body to the traumatic forces in an automobile crash are more likely to result in signficant injury and should be considered more significant than other co-morbid factors.  Physcial intolerance factors listed in this paper were changes in "bone density, lean muscle mass, [and] pliability of tissues."  (Newgard, 2008 p. 1503).  As occupants age, they become inherently more fragile and less tolerant to the multitude of forces involved in a motor vehicle collision.  Medical fragility, as measured by crash-related morality rates, has been previously demonstrated (Li 3t al. 2003 p. 1503).  This study found there is no real cut off point relating to age.  Pre-existing changes (aka medical fragility) are the key factors.  Therefore, the physiological age of the body is a more important prognostic factor than the actual chronological age and arthritic degeneration, no mater the age of the occupant.  This is a key risk factor (one of many) rendering an increased incidence of bodily injury." 

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