Premises Liability

Basis for Premises liability claims:

premesis liability attorneyProperty owners have a duty to provide a safe environment for their guests, and to warn of known dangerous conditions. A property owner may be liable for your injuries suffered on their property under the theory of premises liability, where the property owner breached his duty to provide you with a safe environment, or to warn you of any known hazardous conditions.

The types of injuries covered under premises liability include slip and fall, injury do to fire, exposure to chemicals or toxic substances, assault and battery due to negligent security, elevator injuries, and dog and animal bites.

How Can a premises liability attorney help you?

It is important to take action quickly. We will go back to the location of your injury for further investigation and may be able to inspect the site and take photographs or video, ideally before the site has been changed and the problem corrected.

A premises liability attorney will collect all evidence which could prove the property owner is liable for your injury. That means the lawyer also would conduct an investigation and take the names and contact information of anyone who witnessed the incident. All of this evidence can be crucial to win your case.

To prove your case, you need the help of a skilled and experienced premises liability attorney .

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a dangerous condition on the property of another, call The Law Offices of Charles D. Scott PLLC today at 727-300-4878, or submit the case evaluation form and we will be happy to discuss your case with you. We offer a free consultation for all personal injury cases. Don’t delay, you may have a valid claim for premises liabilty, but you must bring your case within the statute of limitations for this type of injury.

The Importance of Legal Representation in Cases of Premises Liability

Venturing away from our own homes and onto to properties that belong to others can expose us to many hazards. Although property owners are legally responsible for the safety of their visitors, this obligation is not always met, and the result can be some type of incident leading to injury or even death. The owner of the property on which the incident occurs can be liable for damages under the principle of premises liability. However, it can commonly take the involvement of an attorney to help the victims obtain compensation in cases of premises liability in St. Petersburg.

There are many hazards combined with negligence on the part of a property owner that can  cause physical harm, and a lawyer can advise you if you have a valid claim that can be pursued in court. In the case of an obvious hazard, the property owner should have either made the necessary repairs or taken steps to properly warn visitors of the danger. Exceptions may be allowed if the property owner did issue or post a warning or in a situation where the visitor did something that contributed to his or her injury. An attorney can help the victim determine whether the incident constitutes a viable case of premises liability.

Residential and commercial properties may expose visitors to many different risks, but certain incidents are more prevalent than others. The most common case involves a slip and fall. Falls often occur on staircases and walkways, and in areas where there is an accumulation of water or ice. Anyone who suffers harm in a fall that may have resulted from the negligence of others should seek the services of a lawyer.

Dog bites have become a serious problem in many areas surrounding St. Petersburg and throughout the state of Florida. Property owners have a legal obligation to protect others from the actions of their dogs and other pets. They are equally responsible for protecting others from the danger posed by their swimming pools. In tragedies related to pools, which often involve small children, an attorney can be of great assistance to the affected family.

A criminal act may be the basis of a case of premises liability, especially if the risk of an assault or robbery was increased by insufficient lighting or inadequate security procedures. In such cases, a lawyer can bring a civil claim against the owner of the property on which the crime occurred.

Possessing the necessary experience, knowledge and resources; the attorneys at The Law Offices of Charles D. Scott can help the victim seek the compensation that will be needed after a case of premises liability. The Law Offices of Charles D. Scott are happy to play the important role of advising victims of their rights and legal options. It is particularly important for the victim to discuss the case with an attorney before communicating with the insurance company representing the property owner.

Those with family members who have been the victims of such incidents or have themselves been so victimized should contact a lawyer for a free consultation. It is an attorney who can be the best advocate in cases of premises liability.

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