St. Petersburg DOR Child Support Representation

How a St. Petersburg child support attorney can assist in a Department of Revenue case In the State of Florida, cases initiated regarding the collection of child support can begin in one of two ways. These proceedings can either take place in a circuit family law court or at a Florida Department...

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Temporary Issues in Florida Family Law

When couples separate in the state of Florida, important issues are often resolved (at least temporarily) in a short hearing before a judge. Even though these quick hearings are less formal than other common court hearings, their brevity means that you must be prepared and know exactly what your...

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Same Sex / Gay Divorce

The Gay Divorce Process Now that same sex marriage has been legalized in the state of Florida, this change also brings along the unfortunate inevitability of gay couples getting divorced. A gay divorce is really no different than any other divorce, but this article is a great introduction to the steps...

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Pre-marital Agreements

Over time, pre-marital agreements have become an important component of many relationships. The term pre-marital agreement refers to a written contract drawn up by two people in anticipation of marriage. Other  commonly used terms for “pre-marital” agreement are “prenuptual”...

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Domestic Violence Injunctions

Injunctions for Protection Against Domestic Violence in Florida Florida law clearly specifies the reasons they will consider ordering a Protection Against Domestic Violence. These state statutes clearly and carefully govern what judges may or may not do. Some things are left to a judge’s discretion...

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Florida recognizes same-sex marriage.

The first same-sex marriages to take effect on January 6, 2015. A HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE Florida  banned same-sex marriage by statute in 1977 and added a prohibition on the recognition of marriages from other jurisdictions in 1997. In 1997, the Florida Legislature overwhelmingly adopted its...

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Separation Agreements

A separation agreement is a legal document acknowledged and endorsed by a husband and wife to verify that they consent to the division of marital assets and debts, as well as any other issues exclusive to their marriage. If there were any children born during the marriage, the agreement may also...

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Paternity & DNA Testing: A Parent’s Legal Rights

When there are questions raised concerning the true father of a child, many legal concerns can quickly become a pertinent issue. There are a wide variety of circumstances in which legally declaring the father of a child becomes necessary. However, the father is not the only party that can demand...

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