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Lets start here, this is from the Miami Herald (see link below). United Group Underwriters, an affiliate of United Automobile Insurance Company, gave $100,000 to Scott’s Let’s Get to Work political committee. At the same time, Scott was preparing to bash the Senate’s PIP bill it passed Wednesday, which mandated rate reductions and wasn’t as strict as a House measure. Scott said the Senate bill didn’t do enough to reduce fraud – words echoed by the dozens of lobbyists representing the industry. Said Scott: "The Senate bill seems like it’s been written by special interests." At the same time, the other special interests were writing Scott his big check. It accounts for about a third of the $317,000 Scott has raised since the beginning of the year. Since January 2011, Scott has pulled in a total of $774,751. Some of the biggest contributions came from some of the biggest players in the just-ended legislative session: Miguel B Fernandez ($125,000), Florida Optometric CCE ($100,000), Florida Retail Federation ($100,000), and Florida Association of Insurance Agent ($50,000). Scott’s supporters, like any politician collecting big checks, says his contributors aren’t buying him – instead, they’re buying his agenda. Scott set out early this year to overhaul PIP, which the auto-insurance industry has sought for years. In the waning days, Scott, his staff and Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll worked the Senate and got just enough votes to back a compromise bill that passed Friday out of the Legislature. "This is a triumphant moment for the residents of Florida," Scott said in a written statement after the bill passed. "Members of the legislature heard our call to put Floridians ahead of special interests and combat the fraud that has become a billion dollar tax on drivers. Read more here: Lets look at the last sentence, a billion dollar tax on drivers. I took a look at my own auto insurance policy and my annual premium is $1,600 for full coverage. Of this premium my charge for mandatory PIP was about $320, or about 22% of the total premium. My bill for PIP coverage has not changed at all in the past several years. Based upon my own auto policy bill, I don't see charges for PIP coverage "skyrocketing". If the proposed savings of 10% that the insurance companies are supposed to roll back PIP premiums does happen, my bill will change by a whopping $32. In exchange for this $32 savings, I will loose significant benefits previously available to me under my PIP policy coverage. Instead of $10,000 in chiropractic treatment, I can only get $2500 in chiropractic treatment, and then only if I am referred by an MD or DO. Having been a personal injury attorney for fifteen years, I have found that medical doctors have no idea how to treat a whiplash type injury or car accident related injury. They will typically order x-rays, and if you don't have a broken bone, you get sent home with muscle relaxants and some Motrin. Further if you go to an emergency room, your one visit can easily be in excess of $10,000.00, and you will probably get x-rays, and some Motrin for your $10,000.00. It seems that instead of going after the fraudulent PIP mills and so called "accident clinics" of which there are a handful in Florida, the legislature in their wisdom has elected to put the axe to every chiropractor in this state. As a citizen of this state I don't gain any benefits from this new law, instead I have lost most of the benefits previously available to me under PIP. No, the only ones that benefit are the insurance companies operating in Florida. They must be laughing all the way to the bank. Just my opinion, if you disagree, review the new law and come to your own conclusions.

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