Meeting With Your St. Petersburg Car Accident Lawyer – What You Need To Bring

Following an accident in St. Petersburg you’ll need to meet with your car accident lawyer and it is important that you bring as much information with you about your accident as possible. Often new clients come in for a visit with their car accident lawyer and do not bring any paperwork or other documentation with them. It will greatly assist your lawyer when you come in prepared for your initial car accident consultation.

Here is a list of documents and other information you should bring in for your consultation:

The car accident report or drivers exchange report.

It is important that the police be called when ever you are in an auto accident when there is property damage or personal injury. The police report or drivers exchange report will help identify that at fault driver, and / or at fault vehicle owner, as well as their insurance information. In addition, it will assist your lawyer when they write to the police for the long form accident report which normally will include a diagram prepared by the investigating officer, names of any witnesses, and information about any traffic citations.

An estimate for the repairs to your car

This should be a full report from a certified body shop regarding the damage incurred in the car accident. This information is important for your lawyer to have. If you have taken photographs of your property damage, you should bring those photos, or have them on an memory card from your camera so your lawyer can print them.

Car Insurance Cards

Bring all of the details about your auto insurance policy showing the declarations of insurance or list of coverages included in your policy.

Health insurance, or medicare or medicaid

If you have health coverage of any kind you need to bring your health insurance card, meidcare, or medicaid cards. Even though your medical bills are paid by PIP in an auto accident, your lawyer must contact all health insurance providers and place them on notice regarding your accident.

Hospital Discharge Papers from after your Car Accident

If you have been to the hospital emergency room, bring any discharge papers that were provided after your visit. In addition if you have visited any doctors or had an X-Ray or MRI prior to seeing your lawyer, you should bring a list of any such doctors or medical providers that have treated you since your accident.

Additionally, you should be prepared to discuss all prior accidents and pre-existing injuries with your St. Petersburg car accident lawyer. If you have had a prior auto accident, slip and fall or workers comp case, it will assist your lawyer if you have any documentation as to the date, type of injury, and whether you previously brought an injury claim.

By bringing the above documents for your first meeting with your accident lawyer you will assist your lawyer in handling your case, and show your lawyer that you took the time and interest to gather this information for your first meeting.

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