Getting Divorced in 2014? Links to New Trends and Useful Resources

"Divorce rates are actually down because of the economy. This is mainly because divorce can be an expensive and time consuming process. The poor economy is keeping many couples together. Marriage counselors and therapists are reaping the benefits of this. Mid and low income families have eventually had to resort to solving their marital problems. A crumbling economy is surely a trying task for any family, but divorce is not the first answer when money and resources are sparse. It is quite refreshing to see people taking responsibility in their relationships. Perhaps now people will consider the seriousness of marriage before rushing in to things." – (source:  The Hub)

If you are getting divorced in 2010, check out these new trends in divorce:


(No, cutting off ring fingers is not a trend, do I even need to say "do not try this at home"?  Well don't.  I did find this clever picture on Flickr.  Photo Credit:  jcoterhals)

Click on the links for more information about these new trends in divorce:

1. Collaborative Divorce: Collaborative divorce is CHEAPER than litigation (going to court) court because collaborative divorce does not involve the multitude of steps, fees and court costs.

2.  A Brief Overview of Florida's Divorce Laws:  Florida is a "NO FAULT" divorce state.

3.  21 Ways To Save Money On Your Divorce:  Whether you choose to hire an attorney or not, many attorneys will provide a one hour FREE CONSULTATION; even if you don't end up hiring an attorney, talking to one (or several) for free is a good idea.  

4. The State Of Florida's Divorce Guide: If you are getting divorced in Florida this is a very excellent resource; it even has a link where you can FILE FOR DIVORCE ONLINE.   

5. A Psychologists's Article About How To Minimize The Negative Effects on Children of Divorce:  This article is a good read if you have children and are contemplating a "nasty" divorce; the author advocates a "friendlier" divorce and MEDIATION as an alternative to drawn out litigation and explains how a "friendlier" divorce is better for the children in the long run. 

6.  Want to Know if Your Prenuptial Agreement is Going to Hold Up?  This article summaries recent case law trends in several states, including FLORIDA.

7.  Step-Family Issues In Divorce:  Want to talk with others who are having STEP-FAMILY ISSUES similar to yours?  This link is to a forum devoted to divorce with subforums on all sorts of topics related to divorce, including step-family issues.

8. Baby Boomer and Senior Citizen Divorces Are On the Rise:  This article explores the relatively new trend of older couples divorcing and the unique issues associated with ELDER-DIVORCE.

9.  Same Sex Marriage -> Same Sex Divorce:  This CNN article explores the natural extension of same sex marriage - SAME SEX DIVORCE. 

10. Stick Together or Get Divorced?  This site has questions you may want to ask yourself about whether to get divorced or to STICK TOGETHER. 

If you have more questions about divorce in Florida, please feel free to contact The Law Offices of Charles D. Scott's Attorney Charles Scott who has been helping families with prenuptial agreements, divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, mediation, same-sex partnership agreements, and wills and trusts since 1992.  You can reach Attorney Charles Scott by email at or phone: 727-300-4878.

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