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Many attorneys offer free consultations, so before you handle a legal problem yourself, take advantage of the free consultation.  The more knowledge you go into the free consultation with, the better.  If you are considering completeing one of the legal forms listed below yourself, why not fill it out on paper and then bring it to a free consultation with an attorney so that you can have it looked over by an attorney.  The following is a list of links to free legal forms online:

1. Florida's Civil Remedy Notice:  Florida's Department of Financial Services Civil Remedy System is intended for use by parties who are beginning the process of filing suit against an insurer, when they feel they have been damaged by specific acts of the insurer. A Notice created using this system is intended to meet a portion of legal requirements set forth in Florida Statute 624.155, which requires a party to file Notice with both the insurer and the Department at least 60 days prior to bringing legal action against the insurer.

2. Florida's Lemon Law Complaint Form: Commonly known as Florida’s automobile "Lemon Law," the Motor Vehicle Sales Warranties Act established arbitration boards throughout the State to hear and settle complaints between car manufacturers and owners. Your lemon law period ends two years after the date of original delivery of the motor vehicle, you then have 60 days to file your State Arbitration Request with the department or, if your manufacturer participates, the State Certified Program. Consumers who are successful in Lemon Law arbitration have received either refunds or replacement vehicles

3. Motor Vehicle Repair Consumer Complaint Form § 570.544 Florida Statutes:  The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services regulates motor vehicle repair shops in Florida.  Before you decide to bring your car in for any service or repair, call our toll-free hotline to check out that repair company's complaint history (if any). The Florida Motor Vehicle Repair Act requires anyone who, for compensation, engages in the repair of motor vehicles owned by other persons, to register biennially with the Department. Your automobile is one of your most important investments. Protect that investment by choosing the RIGHT Automobile Repair Professional. The Automobile Repair Professional is your car's doctor. Like yourself, your car requires the highest quality professional care to have a long and happy life. No matter what you drive — sports car, family sedan, pick-up, or mini-van — when you go in for repairs or service, you want the repairs done correctly. Follow these suggestions to take the guesswork out of choosing the RIGHT Automobile Repair Professional.

4. Florida's Family Law Forms:  The family forms below are designed for use by everyone, but are especially helpful to individuals who wish to represent themselves (pro se) in court matters related to family law. Not all motions or other documents that would be required in any given individual's specific case will be found here. What you will find below are forms that the Florida Supreme Court has approved for public consumption, based upon opinions the Court has issued.

5. Florida Small Claims Rules and Forms:   A small claims case is a legal action filed in county court to settle minor legal disputes among parties where the dollar amount involved is $5,000 or less, excluding costs, interest, and attorneys' fees. Any forms that have been approved for statewide use are located in the rules of court procedure. The clerk of court may also be able to provide you with copies of the appropriate forms. Small claims cases should be filed with the clerk of court in the appropriate county. Filing fees for small claims actions are established in the Florida Statutes and local county ordinances, and are subject to change by legislative action. After you file your small claims case, each person or business you are suing must be served with a summons/notice to appear in court on the date and time scheduled when you initially filed your claim. Additional fees are required for service of process on the parties being sued. The court cannot collect money damages for you. You may wish to consult with an attorney for advice on how to collect a judgment.

6. Florida's Traffic Court / Traffic Ticket Rules & Forms:  If you are thinking about handling a traffic ticket without an attorney, this is a good place to start; but it is still advisable to have a free consultation to speak to an attorney to know what to expect in traffic court.

7. Probate In Florida: Probate generally is a court-supervised process for identifying and gathering a decedent's assets, paying taxes, claims and expenses of administration, and distributing assets to beneficiaries. The Florida Probate Code is found in Chapters 731 through 735 of the Florida Statutes.

8. Nolo's Free Legal Information and Forms:  My grandfather was a big fan of "Nolo" it is a legal resource for people who want to handle their own legal matters, there is information and forms on this site for just about every area of law.

9. Free Landlord-Tenant Forms:  This site has countless free legal forms for leases and many other land-lord tenant forms; as well as all sorts of small business law forms and contracts.

10.  Want to Change The Law?  This site explains how a bill becomes a law in Florida.

I hope that you find these links helpful.  I know that many people want to save money in this difficult economy.  There are many legal matters that you can handle yourself, that doesn't necessarily mean you should handle them yourself.  I recommend consulting with an attorney before making the decision about whether to handle a legal matter yourself or whether to hire an attorney.

If you have legal questions in Florida, please feel free to contact the lawyers at The Law Offices of Charles D. Scott, we offer free consultations and focus our practice on matters involving personal injuries and accidents, family law, criminal defense, and wills and trusts.  You can contact us at or or by calling 727-300-4878.

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