Florida man sues Just for Men hair dye maker after being scarred

An Orlando man claims his face is permanently scarred after using a Just for Men product to dye his beard, alleging it contained an ingredient that can cause burns, scarring and allergic reactions.

Just for men ingredients include the following: Ethoxydiglycol, oleyl alcohol, vegetable fatty acid, Ethanolamine, erythorbic acid, Trisodium EDTA, Polyguaterium-22, p-Aminophenol and p-Phenylenediamine, Resorcinol, and Hydrogen Peroxide. P-Phenylenediamine, also referred to as PPD.

In a federal lawsuit filed last month, David Collier, 62, alleges he developed a severe reaction after applying the Jet Black chemical dye to darken his beard. The defendants named in the lawsuit are Combe Products, Inc., which manufactures Just for Men, and Walmart, where Collier says he bought the product. Collier claims he suffered permanent scarring and discoloration on his face from using a men’s hair dye. In the lawsuit, Collier alleges the maker of Just for Men, failed to warn consumers that they could have allergic reactions to its Just For Men hair dye. The lawsuit also alleges African-Americans face a much higher risk of allergic reactions to an ingredient in the hair dye than white customers do.

The included product instructions advise people to test a patch of skin for allergic reactions before using the product. Users are advised to test a patch of skin and wait up to 48 hours for any signs of an allergic reaction and to seek immediate medical attention if they experience side effects such as a severe rash, swelling of the skin, dizziness, shortness of breath, and weeping of the skin.

Just for Men is sold in 15 countries, and in the United States for over 25 years. Numerous men have reported problems with Just For Men on ConsumerAffairs.com web site. Many of the complaints about the hair dye product were from customers who have used Just For Men for 10 years or more. The reported injuries from using the product include; blistering of the skin, severe itching, swelling and rashes, painful burning sensation, scarring, and weeping sores on the skin. In some cases, users have had to visit the Emergency Room to receive treatment for their symptoms.

HAVE YOU BEEN INJURED BY A PRODUCT here are some steps to follow:

  1. Keep the product, and the packaging
  2. Keep the receipt where you purchased the product
  3. Take photos of any visible injury you have received
  4. Seek medical attention
  5. Consult with an attorney

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