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Family Law is a field of law that deals with the workings of a broken or distressed family. Situations such as divorce and separation often require assistance from an experienced family law attorney. Going to a family law hearing or trial without appropriate representation is never wise because of the complexity of each sub-category of the field. An experienced family law attorney can help a spouse in a number of ways. First, the attorney can provide the person with moral support. Divorces and separations are stressful events, and parents should try to decrease their burdens as much as possible in the midst of such hearings. Secondly, an experienced attorney can work to ensure that a spouse receives the correct amount of support based upon their needs and ability to pay. Thirdly, the attorney can work toward a resolution between the parties, prepare a martial settlement agreement and possibly resolve some situations before they arise.

A divorcing party can contact a St. Petersburg family law attorney and request an initial consultation. During the consultation, one of our attorneys can explain the process and let the person know his or her rights and options. If you’re struggling with a family law case, The Law Offices of Charles D. Scott can help – contact us today for peace of mind and attentive client care directly from an actual attorney.

Alimony in St. Petersburg

Alimony is a means to help newly divorced spouses to transition into their new lives without their ex-spouses. Alimony is complex, and judges try not to leave the paying spouse without the funds to support himself or herself. The court considers the needs and ability to pay of each spouse when making an alimony determination. Four types of alimony exist: bridge-the-gap, rehabilitative, temporary, and permanent.

Permanent alimony continues until the death of the paying spouse, or the remarriage of the receiving spouse, essentially for life. The spouse requesting it must prove a long term marriage, as well as well proven needs. The paying spouse must have proven ability to pay over and above his or her monthly living costs. Judges normally only issue permanent payments to ex-spouses who have been married for more than 10 years. However, they may grant benefits to an ex-spouse of a shorter duration marriage if the circumstances are extenuating, such as a medical condition or disability. Temporary alimony payments only last for a period of years, and are usually the case when the duration of the marriage is less than ten years.

Rehabilitative maintenance payments last until the receiving spouse obtains the education that he or she needs to re enter the work force. For instance, a person who is seeking a two-year degree may only receive alimony until the end of the two-year training period. The requesting party must create a precise rehabilitation plan to receive rehabilitative payments. The courts may cancel the payments early if an approved party does not comply with the plan that he or she presented to the judge.

Bridge-the-gap maintenance payments are designed them to ensure that a spouse has a smooth transition from married life to single life. A Florida judge may or may not grant maintenance payments. The person who is requesting the payments must prove that he or she is accustomed to a certain lifestyle to qualify for monthly maintenance payments. Therefore, a court hearing would involve furnishing multiple sources of financial documents.

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